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Custom EQ?

It is great to see WiiM Mini-C490 offer fixed EQ options, but really we need the ability to define a custom EQ (10 band minimum). This will allow us to attempt some kind of room correction.

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Great suggestion! The custom EQ feature will be released in April. More info to come. Stay tuned!

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This is fantastic news!

What would really set this streamer apart and make it a killer product is if the custom EQ can accept REW generated inputs (up to 10 bands), like being able to specify the filter type (low shelf, peak), frequency/gain, and the Q factor.

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Custom EQ to include channel balance would be great.

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An EQ with the features of the Volumio3 EQ (FusionDSP based on CamillaDSP) would make the WiiM Mini a killer product.

Would love to see an audio compressor to control dynamics on top of the equalizer.
hello can be first, adjust the output level differential in toslink which means that if in "eq off" the standard at 0dbfs is respected .. in "eq" mode even "flat" we are almost 4db more, with obvious saturation risk ;-) ps can be take advantage of it, if possible on the firmware side, to try to significantly improve the jitter rather disappointing even in relation to the "old" chromecast of 2015???
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