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Posted 3 months by Mike Rees

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Mike Rees

Can anyone recommend an external dac?

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Mr. Wilson posted 14 days

Using Wiim Mini with Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. Awesome sound. Hearing is believing.

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Joel G posted about 1 month

I'm feeding the Cambridge DacMagic 200M ($549) through the optical output and getting excellent sound quality up to the WiiM's 24/192 limit. I chose this DAC because its variety of features (including MQA) make it seem to be more future-proof than many others. For a likely step up in sound quality (and price) without as many bells and whistles, I'd second the previous recommendation for the Denafrips Ares II, though whether it's worth the difference depends on your other compnents.

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Pena.schmidt posted about 1 month

Topping E30 II is a excellent choice for best price. I should spend thousands of dollars in my sistem to perceive any difference from a pricier DAC. Not one glitch in 4 months of daily use.

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Mike G posted 2 months

Using the Ares ii and highly recommend it. 

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Fquails posted 3 months

I use Topping DX3 pro +. Love it. I have two of them, connected to two Wiims.

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