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Gapless playback from Amazon app


Amazon playback via the Amazon Music app is currently not gapless - as a matter of fact, there's quite a big gap between songs. I know the Wiim App supports gapless playback on Amazon, but it would be great if it could be supported even when casting to the Wiim Mini via the Amazon Music app. Thank you!

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Yes agreed.

I really need this feature.

Streaming a DJ mix from Amazon Music app is very painful with 2 second gaps between tracks.

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Thanks for your suggestions and patience. As soon as we completed the Amazon Music Ultra HD, we'll work on this. Hopefully, we can make it available by the end of next month. Please stay tuned!

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Great news WiiM Support ! 

The Amazon Music UHD update is a game changer when we finally get it.

There's no other streamer where we can cast up to 24/192 bit perfect, straight from Amazon Music app.

Keep up the great work

You will sell many many once this Amazon Music UHD update comes :-)

But yes, gapless is really important. Hope you can make gapless better next step

Good work

Just bought a WiiM mini and I'm really impressed. However I have noticed very clear gaps in playback on Amazon Music (both within WiiM app and when casting from the Amazon app). Is this normal?

Hi Lindsay, have you read the posts above yours?

I did read the posts above and Carmine Cristallo suggests that the WiiM app supports hapless playback on Amazon. This hasn't been my experience. Perhaps gapless playback on Amazon is not supported at all on the WiiM mini and WiiM support are working on it?

Hi Lindsay, Amazon Music HD/UHD doesn't support gapless on either WiiM App or Amazon App. We're working on it now and hope to enable it next month.This's one of highest priority tasks we're working on. However, Amazon Music SD from WiiM App does support gapless playback and has been enabled for quite a few months. It's not ideal and sorry for the confusion caused. 

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Thanks for the prompt reply. I wondered if this was the current situation and it's great to hear you are working on it. As I said I'm really impressed with the WiiM mini. Such an economical way to upgrade a hi-fi system to hi-res (particularly when using Amazon HD/UHD.
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