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Support for Fire Tablet

Would like to see support for Amazon Fire Tablets.  I have to use my android phone to stream when I could be using larger tablet.  Larger screen makes using Amazon much easier and it interfaces better with Alexa.

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Hi Ronald,

After you setup your Alexa account with WiiM Mini on WiiM Home App, you can use the native Amazon Music or Alexa App on Fire Tablets to control and stream music to Mini. Please let us know if it works for you.

Meanwhile, we'll provide WiiM Home App running on Fire Tablets in Q3, 22. Please stay tuned!


WiiM Support    

Wiim home app for fire tablets would be nice

Yeah, I'd like that too as it might enable me to run the app under the Windows 11 subsystem for android

The fire hd10 tablet cannot see any of the wiim devices and cannot control playback at all from amazon music. It can only playback locqlly on the tablet. Please add wiim home app for Amazon tablets.

On my Fire HD 10 Pro, I can cast to my Wiim Mini via the Cog/Settings" icon then "Connect to a Device"

I think mine is a 2019 Fire HD 10 it does not work on this device running fire os 5.
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