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Please improve the DLNA support and/or add PLEX

I have over 15,000 music files ripped from my CDs to my hard drive. Right now the app can't see them over DLNA either using the router or my  PC as a server.  I suspect that the number of tracks is too many for a basic DLNA implementation. I have tried Twonky and Asset DLNA server software and they work better with other apps on my phone but not with the WIIM home app. 

Can you add support for these DLNA servers or for PLEX?

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I agree, Plex would be nice! 

I response to Fela Hughes, you can access your music if you turn on streaming on your Window Media Player. Not ideal, but workable.

Far better to use the WiiM Mini as a UPnP/DLNA target for server-side apps like LMS.  With the UPnP Bridge plugin and the Material Skin with LMS, you have easy access to unlimited tracks, and you can run the Material Skin in any browser - no need to use the WiiM app.

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I similarly have around 27k tracks ripped to my NAS and WiiM happily accesses them over UPNP using Minimserver. Try that on your PC instead.

Hmm- thanks for the suggestions. I have tried several different DLNA servers running on my PC and I can't get the Wiim App to see any of them even though other DLNA apps on the phone do see them with no problem.  Then I guess it's more of a support problem than a new feature problem.

My Asset UPNP server wasn’t visible till I turned on media sharing in Windows - just type media sharing into the windows search box and it should take you to the settings page.

I can see and play my FLAC files on my NAS thru the app, but is there some way to search? It’s really difficult finding an album I want to listen to having to drill down folder after folder and it takes forever to swipe down the artists list (for example). Wondering if I am missing something simple here to quickly find specific music on the NAS.

Please also add support for direct streaming from Plexamp. The DLNA server interface within WiiM home is clunky and frustrating. Would rather cast from Plexamp to WiiM mini.

Please add support for casting to WiiM Mini from Plexamp. WiiM Home's DLNA server interface is barebones, clunky, doesn't show playlists; would much rather be able to cast to WiiM Mini from Plexamp. Thanks!

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