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Internet Stream with URL

If this feature already exists and I'm not finding it, my apologies.  I'd like to be able to enter the URL of an internet stream for playback of radio stations that aren't in vTuner or  

I see Radio Paradise is coming soon.  Thank you for that!

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We will support Open Network Stream feature that you can enter the URL for payback in April.

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This was supposed to be part of the April 15th update, which is today.  No sign of an update in the app store...

OK, it's here today.  Works, but no way to name the saved stream - defaults to part of the URL, which is usually quite meaningless.  Need a way to edit the name, please.

Also, no metadata being extracted from the stream, so no artist/track/album info being displayed.

We will support the edit feature and extract metadata from the stream.

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Thanks for implementing network streams

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