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Multiroom and presets

One scenario I think could be handled differently is the way the Wiim Mini manages the presets across linked speakers. At the moment, in a multiroom configuration, if I press a preset button on the Slave I don't hear what I originally stored on that preset for the Slave: instead, I hear whatever was stored on the same preset on the Master. This, in my opinion, is confusing, and it seriously limits the number of presets available. In some cases, when you have speakers of different brands in different rooms with different numbers of presets - it can lead to nothing being played (for example if the slave has more presets than the master). 

I think it's because your protocol exchanges only the preset number to the master when a button is pressed on the slave, not the underlying URL. A preset - correct me if I'm wrong - is nothing else than a URL, so basically you're exchanging an integer instead of a string. Would it be possible to send the whole URL back to the Master, in such a way if I press Preset 1 on the Slave, I hear what I stored as Preset 1 on the same Slave? I think this would be a lot more intuitive for the users...

Thank you! :-)

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Yes, your suggestion is very nice. The preset should work everywhere either on the Master or on the Slave. We need enhance the multi-room protocol that allow the slave can send the preset information to the master and the group should start to play music.

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Hi! Are you still planning to work on this?

Thank you! :-)

Hi! Any news about this?

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