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What features would you like to see in the WiiM Mini?

Let us know what you'd like to see in the WiiM Mini - could be related to features, integrations, streaming music services, etc. 

Please add Squeezelite.  Thanks. 

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When playing music we can only choose from two sorting options;

1) Date added

2) Alphabetical

Would it be possible to also include a third option: Random/Shuffle?

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Suport "Master" on Tidal

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"hide/unhide" wiim,s in app list. example: 3 wimms in the house, one person using only 2 so can hide unneccesery 1. another person using only 1 so can hide unnused 2 in his phone app. bubbleupnp is good exaple of how this work.

Support Plex from a NAS, specifically Western Digital My Cloud Home.

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Master support on Tidal Connect.  Very important for me.  Thanks.

Please do not add Master aka MQA. It’s a compressed 13bit format and a hoax.
It would be nice to have a mono output mode.
It would be nice to have a mono output mode.

It would be nice to have a mono output mode.

Would like to see a deluxe (audiophile) model with decent optical and I2s outputs. Build quality of current device is lacking.  Since this is one of only a few units to stream Amazon Music the audiophile community is crying out for an updated model.  Could be modeled after a Topping device with aluminum housing and decent connections.  I would leave Dac out and make it a streamer only.

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Plex support please

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+1 on Plex.

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Positive audio / delay manual correction. So + 1 ms in addition to - 1 ms To correct for audio being behind video.
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