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Airplay 2 - new bit perfect firmware update

Hi WiiM Support

Can you please share more detail about today's Airplay 2 firmware update ?  

What sample rates are support?  

What bitrate is supported?  

Lossless 16bit/44.1kHz = 1411kbps 

So 24bit/48kHz on WiiM Mini supports higher than 1411kbps?   

Have you tested with 24/48kHz music on Apple Music? 

What bitrate does WiiM Mini receive from 24/48k Apple Music?  

Also, can we have a feature request for WiiM Mini app to show incoming bitrate?   This way we can truely see if lossless / hi-res data is coming to WiiM  Mini.

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24bit / 48kHz = 2304 kbps

Is 24/48k music on Apple Music confirmed to stream at 2304 kbps to WiiM Mini with new firmware update?

Would be great to see bitrate in WiiM Mini app.

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